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N2N Integrations (N2N) provides a full spectrum of infrastructure knowledge and services that will help improve the network technology. N2N offers a wide range of inside plant (ISP) and outside plant (OSP) designs, installs, infrastructure build and certified testing.

Project Assistance

N2N Integrations has designed a management team to provide quality of services to efficiently complete projects. We value the importance of customer service and will accommodate our clients with on/off-site collaborations. We aim to assure our clients with around-the-clock updates which will reduce routine problems and detect early warnings for potential problems. In doing so, this assures our clients that every project will be completed accurately as scheduled within the budgetary constraints. We value every opportunity of serving our client and perceive each project as a key component to our integrated management service.



We plan an advanced design and complete build capabilities. Our team offers framework that meet standardized seismic loading which we have used and has proven to be a successful collaboration techniques.

  • Seismic support both overhead and below raised floors where applicable.

  • Rack mounting

  • Cable racks and infrastructure support installation and design.

  • Ladder rack installs

  • Cable management installations and cable dressing.

  • Cable cope trays installations

  • Fence partition installation and seismic bracing.


Inside Plant (ISP)

  • Project Assistance

  • Communication cable installation

  • Cat3, Cat5E, Cat6

  • DC power installations from primary distribution to tertiary distribution

  • Conduit and cable locator

  • Fiber cable support (Cope Trays) installations

  • Fiber splicing

  • Bulk fiber cable installation

  • Fiber certified testing


Outside Plant (OSP)

  • Engineering and consulting

  • Conduit and cable locator

  • Manhole entry

  • Conduit, inner-duct, maxcell, and cable placement and installation

  • Rod and rope, continuity verifications

  • Fiber splicing

  • High pair count installation

  • OTDR, bi-directional testing

  • Audits and QA services



The foundation to provide wireless technology still needs to be integrated with infrastructure, power and cabling. N2N offers site surveys and solutions for these high-performance wireless technologies. N2N utilizes industry standards to connect cell towers to transmitters/receivers which make wireless technologies possible.